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This agreement will be governed by the following rules and conditions:
  1. This agreement will be governed by the State laws of Pakistan.
  2. Universal Group, Pakistan will give you (the 'sponsor') a commission (variable rate; currently set at 7%) on the sale price of items sold through a direct referral from any banner or icon displayed on the sponsor's web site.
  3. This agreement is purely for giving a commission on sales effected through referrals by the banner on sponsor's page. The term, 'sponsor', does not imply any formal association with Universal Group, Pakistan, and the sponsor does not have any right on our products, logos or trademarks.
  4. The sponsor is not permitted to represent Universal Group, Pakistan in any way other than displaying a banner on the web site. No accompanying text is to be displayed along with the banner.
  5. We reserve the right to alter the rate of commission at any time without notice. Any credit accumulating after such change will be at the new rate. i.e. the sponsor is not guaranteed to have the same rate as the one started with.
  6. We reserve the right to change the product prices from time to time which may have an effect on the commission.
  7. The commission will be credited only when the payment for the sale is cleared, whether through Letter of Credit or Advance Payment. If the buyer requests a refund at a later time, the original commission credited will be deducted.
  8. We will not be responsible for any cookie failure that may result in the user's clicks going unregistered.
  9. The commission will only become payable when the total amount equals or exceeds US $200, and such payment will be through a Telegraph Wire Transfer in our currency, drawn on a bank account in our country, equivalent to the US dollar amount at the prevailing exchange rate on the date of issue.
  10. We will not accept responsibility for clearing the T/T at your financial institution.
  11. Under exceptional circumstances we may, at our discretion, T/T to a US bank account, in US dollars, but in no other country's currency or bank.
  12. We reserve the right to evaluate your site and terminate individual agreements after notification through Email. In such situations, our sole responsibility ends at issuing a check corresponding to the outstanding amount in your credit. No explanation for the termination will necessarily be given.
  13. We reserve the right to cancel the whole sponsor program without notice. As in the previous case, if it happens all sponsors will be issued with a check corresponding to any outstanding amount in their credit.
  14. Sponsor's claims for amounts less than $200 will be entertained only at our discretion.
  15. The sponsor is not under any obligation to keep the banners on their web site. Removal of the banner may not result in an immediate cessation of credit accumulation. No correspondence regarding the removal of banner is required.
  16. Any correspondence relating to loss of the check in mail, or inability to cash the check, must be notified within a reasonable time to let us decide on alternative payment method(s).
  17. The sponsor agrees not to make claims for outstanding credit, if the amount is less than US $200
  18. Any tax liability on the amount of commission received will be the sponsor's responsibility.
  19. The sponsor will not use the banner link to go to a page other than our home page (http://www.univer.com/)
  20. While it is upto the sponsor to choose where the banner should appear, it must not be placed on a page/position that can be defamatory to us or counter-productive. If requested by us such banner links must be removed.
  21. Only the banners/icons recommended or approved by us must be used in the link.
  22. It should clearly be understood that a direct correlation between 'click-throughs' (soon verifiable through the online query form) and sales may not exist. All operations are automatic (or semi-automatic) and hence no valid sales referred by you will go unrecorded. Email correspondence regarding click through vs. sales will not be answered.


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