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 Trial Orders

Q.1.  Who should contact/ place order?

A.1.  Normally, it should be regular Commercial Importer/ Distributor or Institution, Schools, Army cores or Government Authorities.

Q.2.  Should retail orders welcome?

A.2.  No. We only deals in Wholesale Trade.

Q.3.  Is on-line Shopping is possible at this web-site?

A.3.  No. We don’t need to have such feature since we are not related with retail sale.

Q.4.  How much minimum Trial Order I can place?

A.4.  Please refer to our sub-menu of Trial Order.

Q.5. Is there any Export references available for your Company so that I could have an idea how well you are in exporting?

A.5. A list can be provided upon request ... however, Government Institutions would not be included as these have to kept confidential.

Q.6.  Can I see your products in near future Trade Exhibition/ Trade Fair?

A.6. Yes ... we regularly participate in International Trade Fairs, especially in EXPO (Germany) and SIESEL (France). Please ask for details for upcoming schedule.

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